New Year’s Resolution Update: April 2018


My New Year’s Resolution this year is to celebrate every holiday and birthday this year. You can read how I have done so far here, and here and here.

I had two dates to celebrate in April, one was Rob’s Birthday and the other was St George’s Day.

We have been super busy this month and we completely ran out of time to throw Rob a party, which was our first plan but in the end we decided for an easy life to celebrate in a more low key way. Rob’s birthday was on a Friday this year, which is also his day off work to look after Orla. We started the day with presents which Orla was very excited about. She had been with me when I bought, wrapped and hid the presents earlier in the week and every day  since she had been asking Daddy to open them. It was really special to watch how happy she was to give presents to her Daddy. She then sang Happy Birthday to him several times in a row. Perfect start to the day.

I went to work and Rob took Orla into Burnley for a Father/Daughter shopping trip, then when I came home from work we had a big Chinese takeaway. On Saturday we went for a walk and a picnic with friends and then spent the rest of the day in the garden with friends, eating ice cream and basking in the sun. On Sunday, we had a big family lunch at Wellsprings.

So Rob had a chilled out Birthday weekend, revolving around food and good company. And it was the perfect antidote to our recent busyness. When I planned this New Year’s Resolution I thought I would aim to throw a party or mini shindig at every occasion but there is more than one way to celebrate, and this weekend doing less was certainly more enjoyable.

The second date I had planned to celebrate was St George’s Day, which was yesterday. In January I thought this would mean wearing red and white, doing a dragon based craft activity with Orla and maybe having a traditional English breakfast or meal. But what actually happened yesterday is that I completely forgot that it was St George’s day until lunch time. So, this one I have missed completely. Oops!

I have a little break now in my New Year’s Resolution. The next date on my list to celebrate is Father’s Day on the 17th June which gives me plenty of time to plan and prepare something, and to make sure that I mark it down in the calendar and don’t forget!

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