New Year’s Resolution update: March 2018


Hey, my New Year’s Resolution is to celebrate every major holiday and occasion in 2018.

Here is how it is going so far:


New Year’s Day: Walk abandoned due to rain but had a great meat and potato pie lunch with friends

Orla’s 2nd Birthday: Woodland themed party has a success! Hurrar!


Pancake Day: Didn’t happen due to being in the middle of nowhere in Wales.

Valentines Day: Cards and chocolate exchanged with Husband, and we had an mid afternoon coffee date whilst Orla napped. Low key celebration but sweet enough for me.


Ok now we are on to this month’s shenanigans:

Mother’s Day: Rob organised a Mother’s day lunch for us and my family and our house. He ordered beef wellington from the Butchers and I chose some tulips for myself and a mixed bouquet for my mum. Great afternoon, and nice to spoil my lovely mum

St Patrick’s Day: This day can leave my Irish husbadn feeling a little blue, as we don’t usually celebrate it and it makes him feel a little homesick. But last Saturday we booked my mum to celebrate and we headed to a cocktail bar with live music and five friends to celebrate the night. I particularly enjoyed this paddy’s sour cocktail.


Easter: Easter is the next big occasion to celebrate. We will have Chruch on Good Friday followed by a lunch at a friends house. Then on Saturday I think I am going to do an egg hunt in the garden for some of the children on our street. And on Sunday we will have a big Easter celebration at church.

I always knew February and March were going to be busy months for my 2018 challenge, and it has been really busy but I am also really enjoying these mini-celebrations throughout the year, especially last Saturday. It felt very good and right to be out with some good friends, listening to music and scampering from bar to pud to avoid the snow that was not going to dampen our night out!

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