New Year’s Resolution Update: Pancake Day and Valentines Day


My New Year’s Resolution this year is to celebrate each holiday and occasion in 2018. Last week was a bit of a bumpy week for my challenge as it was both pancake day and Valentines day, and we were away on holiday, in the middle of rural Wales!

Last week, Rob, Orla and I were away at Cefn Lea in Wales on holiday with a big group of people from our church. This is the third year we have gone and we absolutely love it. About 70 of our friends from church rent out two big lodges at this brilliant centre with beautiful countryside, a sports hall and an excellent children’s play area. It is a really chilled out week and my favourite part is that each evening, after the kids go to bed, the adults gather in this massive lounge with bottles of wine, snacks and card games. It makes for a great week but it did make my 2018 challenge a bit difficult.

In fact, I gave up on celebrating pancake day at all. Our meals were provided as part of the holiday and there was nowhere nearby that we knew would serve pancakes so I just skipped it. I also gave up on the idea of giving up something for lent. I just wasn’t organised enough this year to think of anything.

But for Valentines day, I fared a little better. I bought Rob a card and some chocolate roses before we left so I had something to give him. Then, on the day before Valentines, Orla and I made him another card when all the children gathered in the morning to do some crafting.

On Valentines Day Rob and I exchanged cards and some chocolate gifts. Then at breakfast, a couple of children distributed valentines gifts to every person in our group which was very cute. Later on in the afternoon, Rob, Orla and I went into Newtown for a browse around the shops. Orla fell asleep in the car so Rob and I dropped into Costa and ordered some drinks and called that quiet half an hour our Valentines date!

It was very simple, but I do appreciate simple. I really don’t need much to make a day special with Rob, just a little bit of time to talk together in the day is enough….although the chocolates were pretty good too!

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