2020 Baking Round Up


When I am organised, Wednesday is our baking day. I haven’t been that organised these last couple of months but we still have had some fun trying out new recipies. Here is a round up of what we have been making and baking in lockdown.

Pastry Hearts

Recipe Origin: Booths Spring 2020 Magazine

These were very easy to make, you just roll out a pastry sheet and cut it into heart shapes. Place some smashed up Easter Egg chocolate in the middle of half of the hearts and top them with the other half. Bake in the oven for about 15 minutes then cover them with icing and sprinkles. These were easy enough for Orla to have an active role in making them and tasted yummy when they were fresh out of the oven – but were a bit too chewy to eat cold the next day.

Caterpillar Twists

Recipe Origin: The Gruffalo Cookbook

Another recipe that relies on ready made puff pastry! These were a bit fiddly to make when it gets to twist part but you only need three ingredients: puff pastry, chocolate spread and white chocolate buttons. So that is a big win! And these tasted amazing! A very sweet breakfasty treat that is easy to cobble together in twenty minutes.

Ice Cream Sundae

OK, so not a bake, but it’s my blog, my rules. The beginning of June was supposed to be our family holiday but we, of course, had to stay at home. However, the weather was beautifully hot and sunny so we decided to continue with the holiday vibe by buying in some ingredients to make our own ice cream sundaes. Honestly, when I think of how much we pay for these in cafes on holiday, these felt like a huge success. Two tubs of ice cream, a can of squirty cream, a packet of flakes, and some toffee sauce and sprinkles that we already had in meant that we could have a very indulgent ice cream sundae every day of our ‘holiday’. I am so doing this again when the sun comes back and next time I will add a cherry on top because I have some left over from the latest baking endeavour…

Maraschino Cookies

Recipe Origin: The Vintage Tea Party Year

Made these this week with Orla. They are so scrummy that we only have about four left now, and Orla doesn’t even like them…which means I’m the one who has been scoffing them all! These are very rich and chocolatey. They also are very pleasing to look at, so I have been keeping them on the cake stand rather than locked away in a tin…which might be why they have been disappearing quickly…it’s very hard to just walk by them without lifting up the dome and swiping one!

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