Currently I’m …


Well that happened fast, I feel like Christmas just happened and yet already we have waved goodbye to the first month of 2020. Here is what is going on in my life right now. Currently I am….

Living at my parent’s house whilst we are carrying out major renovation works at our house. I have been waiting for us all to get annoyed and fed up of living on top of one another, but so far it has felt a bit like being on holiday. My mum is a great cook and tends to have food ready by the time we get home from work. We have all been binge watching Escape to the Chateau DIY to make us feel that our home renovations aren’t that big a deal; yes we might be having to re-wire the house but at least we don’t have a castle moat to drain! So far, it’s been a good experience but of course we want to get back under our own roof soon.

Matching hairstyles with Orla. Another advantage at being at my parent’s house is that my Mum is brilliant at doing french plaits which means Orla and I have been rocking the same hairstyle out and about. I just want to hold on and commit these moments to memory when Orla wants to dress and be like Mummy, I am sure there will be days in the future when I do nothing but induce eye-rolls and dramatic groans of embarrassment.

Watching lots of YouTube vlogs of people visiting Disneyland Paris. Before we knew the house was going to need a lot of work this year, we booked a big holiday to Disneyland Paris, oops! I am so excited about going that I have been researching it constantly and have ended up getting hooked on a few Youtubers who vlog all about their trips to the place where dreams come true. My favourite ones are Caffine&PixieDust, So Helena and Martyn, and Becca Louise. Rob keeps laughing at me whenever I watch them but I find them really uplifting, it’s nice to watch people who are enjoying themselves and sharing the fun, and I’ve learned lots of tips that I am sure are going to come in handy when we finally go this summer.

Reading C.S. Lewis. I have just finished the Screwtape Letters which was brilliant. If you haven’t come across this classic book it is a series of letters where a senior demon gives advice to a junior tempter on how best to corrupt the soul of a man living in England during World War 2. It’s a creative format that allows C.S. Lewis to convey some challenging and thought provoking arguments on Christianity, love and true humility. I read it slowly, having to take time to digest each chapter, and finished it feeling convicted and a little bittersweet; the final letter is a an emotional gut punch.

Planning some big changes for later on this year, that I am really looking forward to blogging about. More to follow on that shortly!


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