Pastel Stationery Desk Makeover


I have worked as an administrator in the same business for over ten years, and throughout that time I have always stocked my desk with the leftovers of other people’s stationery orders. There has never been a designated budget for admin staff stationery so I collect forgotten pens and purple highlighters that have been neglected by other offices.

But this month I have moved in to a newly refurbished office. The whole floor is glistening with white bright walls, there are clean spacious desks and a new carpet smell the transcends the building. It all feels very swanky! This new move, where everything is new and pretty has inspired me to treat myself to a desk makeover.

I went to the Range this weekend, that shop of craft temptations, and filled a large basket with a haul of new stationery items. I decided to stick to a pastel palate of millennial pink, baby blue and mint green, with a touch of gold here and there. I don’t think I have done a bulk stationery shop for myself since I went to sixth form over ten years ago, so it was very fun to fill a basket of stationery goodies that were all for me!

Here is what I came away with:


An itemized list:

  •  Really Important Things Clipboard
  • Pastel Highlighters
  • Peach and green pen set
  • Glass jar to be used as a pen pot
  • Pink calculator
  • Pin Stapler
  • Mint green hole-punch
  • Pink and gold mug
  • Mint green water bottle with infuser
  • Three lever archer files

I forgot to keep the receipt but I know the total for all of this came to £23.50, and the cup and the water bottle were the most expensive items, but I think these are the items I am most excited about. before now I have been making bottles of Buxton water last for about six months before they became too tatty to keep using. So, I’m pleased to make the upgrade to a proper reusable bottle, that will allow me to flavour my water. I have already made a lemon water and a blackberry and blueberry mix.

The mug is also a special treat. I don’t drink tea or coffee but on cold days, sad days or treat days I do indulge in hot chocolate from the shop, which are very nice but can get expensive. But now I have decided I am just going to make my own hot chocolate at work and drink it in my pretty pink and gold mug.

I combined this haul with a few more pastel Paperchase pieces that I picked up in a sale at a Boundary Mill a couple of weeks ago, which were a weekly planner, a stationer set and floral notebook.

Here is a sneaky snapshot of my work-space now with it’s pastel makeover. Apologies, that I completely forgot to take a before photo.

I am loving my new set up, it all looks clean, bright and soothing. The Paperchase stationery came in a little pink carboard tray that I decided to keep and use to store the desk accessories that I need to keep to hand.  I was so pleased with the look that I even changed my desktop wallpaper to colour co-ordinate with the stationery, (and yes, the rest of my office think I am sad for doing this).

It’s all looking very good, although the problem is that now that I’ve started this I’ve thought of some other bits and bobs I would like to help spruce up the place further. This is what is on my wish-list right now:

  • Two small glass jars for paperclips and bulldog clips
  • New set of three paper-trays in pastel colours
  • A pretty tube of hand-cream
  • A pencil sharpener

For now, though, I am very happy with my office set up. I find there is something very motivating and calm about a well ordered desk. I’m hoping this will be a good incentive to keep on top of the desk clutter and paperwork so that my little corner of the business is a good environment for getting stuff done.

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