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I love a currently blog post but thought today I would do a special geek version, so this is a round up of what is keeping my geeky side happy at the moment. This week a friend turned to me and said with nothing but affection and warm humour; “Cathy, you’re such a nerd.” She is completely right and I happily agreed. One of the best things about passing thirty is that I am growing more and more comfortable with my nerd identity. Life is too short to be ashamed of the stuff that makes you happy. Here is what I am currently geeking on….

Fighting Fantasy Books – The Fighting Fantasy books are a series of Choose Your Own Adventure type books where you are a hero adventurer on a mission to navigate labyrinths, save the land and defeat an impressive array of villains. I only have four in the series from my teenage years. It’s a bit like Dungeons and Dragons but a single player mode. You use dice to fight monsters and it can take a number of replays to find the correct succession of choices to win the game. This week I picked up Citadel of Chaos and have really enjoyed playing this story again. As well as the fun of making your choices the books are full of wonderful line drawings of the various creatures that populate the imaginative world. I’ve now decided that I would like to build up my collection of the Fantasy Fighting books and they will be topping my Birthday wishlist next month.

Gilmore Girls – I was late to the Gilmore Girls party but last year I worked my way through the entire series including A Year in the Life revival. After a few months off, I found myself returning to the beginning and now I am working through the series for a second time and if possible enjoying it even more this time round. I’m currently on Season three which is a particularly good season anyway, They Shoot Gilmores, Don’t they? being my favourite episode. With September just around the corner I am enjoying my little escapes to Star Hallow where everything always feels that bit more autumnal.

DisneyBrit Podcast – Big news! I’ve booked our big family holiday next year for Disneyland Paris. I’m really excited for it and a bit apprehensive of the cost. We’ve done self-catering holidays in the UK for the last three years so 2020 is more double what we normally spend on a holiday. Yikes! But it also feels like next year is our golden opportunity to go: Orla will be four so we can avoid the school holidays and embrace the full princess vibe of the place. I am determined to make it worth the price, so I have been searching the web looking for hints and tips to make the most out of our Disney holiday. I came across this podcast and have fallen a bit in love with this group of British super Disney fans! They are funny, informative and really interesting. If you are planning a Disney holiday I would really recommend tuning in to this podcast.

American Gods (Book) – Rob and I watched the first season of American Gods on Amazon Pride and really enjoyed it, but then only watched a couple episodes of Season 2. Dear TV People, you can’t end your first season with a big dramatic cliffhanger and then completely ignore it in season two! I thought my journey with American Gods was over but then my best friend had a Book Nook at her wedding (brilliant idea!) and there for the taking was a massive red copy of this modern epic. After weeks of reading, I finished it last night. It was such a satisfying read with some excellent twists and a fitting conclusion. I haven’t read anything else that is quite like it, it is sad and horrific, fun and mysterious, meandering and fast paced all at once. It’s stand alone and I’m really glad that I got to find out what happens to Shadow, and Laura and Wednesday in the end.

I’ve got a bit of a book hangover today, so don’t know what I’ll be reading next, although my friend who called me a nerd mentioned a book that she wants to get me, that she thinks I really enjoy. I think she said it was called the Toymakers. I’m going to try and not look it up in order to avoid spoilers. I love it when I get to read something good without knowing anything about it – it’s like having a blind date with a book!

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