April Snapshot


April 2019 is looking like a party month for us; we have the wedding of two very good friends, a Spring family get together, Rob’s last not-fortieth birthday and of course Easter! Here is a snapshot of what I’m currently up to. 

I’m feeling the florals. “Florals, for Spring? Groundbreaking” I hear the icy words from the Devil Wears Prada in my head.  Cliché as it is, I have been really enjoying all things floral this last few weeks. As more and more flowers appear in our garden each year, I am trying to bring more of their beauty inside too. I love this spot of the dining room right now with my Mother’s day flowers sitting in a floral jar, next to my botanical cake stand and underneath the ivy trailing on the mirror. I smile every time I walk pass this bookcase. 

I’m watching Sabrina on Netflix but I’m still not loving it. We’re on season two now and whilst the thing is an autumnal delight to the eyes, and the performances from Michelle Gomez, Lucy Davies, and Miranda Otto are utter perfection, the show is still, in a word, annoying. It is heavy handed and extremely preachy with its social commentary, which is a real shame. The central conflict of the series is whether Sabrina is going to choose her witchy “evil” side or her mortal “good” side or find a way to balance the two, it would be an interesting conflict if the show would only apply the same level of questioning critical thinking and nuance to the social issue of the week it raises in each episode. Also, Sabrina’s decision-making reaches throwing-cushions-at-the-telly levels of frustration on a bi-weekly basis. And yet, I keep watching it, mainly because I adore the adult actors in it.  

I’m plodding on with the de-cluttering efforts. This week I went through make up, jewelry and bath products. I kept more than I was inclined to because Orla enjoys looking through the “pretty things”, which is a basket of my costume jewelry from my teenage years. Half of it is broken but she enjoys looking at and feeling it all, (sensory play, right?) so I’m keeping it for a bit longer until she gets tired of it. I’m still working on a little make over for my dressing table area of the bedroom so I will be posting an update on that soon. 

I’m reading Plants, Beds and Borders by Katie Rushworth. Rob picked up this book the other year but I only got round to reading it this week. It’s fantastic! A really helpful and readable guide for a novice gardener like me to get a better grip of their garden. I loved the chapters that outlined all the different garden styles, it’s helped me get a handle on the kind of look we want our garden to have; a naturalistic, child friendly garden with pockets of cottage garden planting!  

I’m in the garden at all opportunities. Speaking of gardens; it is absolutely delightful to see how the garden has changed in the years since we moved in. We knew taking on a massive garden was always going to be a challenge, and it is! We have a lot more work to do but one of the more rewarding things to see is how well the Spring flowers are spreading themselves. The Primroses, daffodils, and bluebells are coming in greater numbers each year. Last year we dug a new flowerbed and we are slowly beginning to fill it. I spent last Sunday afternoon planting a medley of annual seeds that I picked up a couple of months ago. My gardening skills and knowledge are still very limited but I’m feeling the pull more and more to get out there and get working! 

I’m primping and preening. My wedding season started this weekend, and I am a bridesmaid in June. I’m taking advantage of the season as an opportunity for a bit of self pamper. I’ve been applying tanning-moisturizer, I’ve had eyelash extensions and I’m even made the effort to match my nail polish to the colours of my new dress last Saturday. It’s not my normal beauty regime at all but as most of my days are jeans, no-make up and toddler handprints, I am in the mood for a couple of days of feeling a touch more glamourous!  


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