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March has been an intense month so far for our family. I’ve had meetings nearly every night this week and Rob has been clocking extra hours for a special project at work. It’s all been good work and done for good reasons but we are very much looking forward to things easing off next week. In the meantime, crashing on the sofa and watching some telly feels like a real luxury. 

Here is what has been entertaining me recently: 

The Umbrella Academy – Rob and I have been loving this! We’re on episode eight now and we’ve enjoyed this so much. It’s a Netflix X-Men type drama based on a comic series. Seven children with super powers are brought up by an eccentric millionaire to fight crime, but as adults, the family has fallen apart and is only brought together once more when the Father passes away. The show is quick witted, beautifully shot and moves at a great pace. Also it features two hitmen who are far more endearing than they have any right to be.  

Isn’t it Romantic – The problem with romcoms is that often the trailer is funnier and sharper than the actual movie. The trailer for Isn’t it Romantic showed Rebel Wilsom being sucked in to a romcom world and poking fun at the common movie tropes – handsome millionaire love interest, women who constantly stumble so someone can catch them, the gay best friend…etc. The trailer looked fun but when I first tried to watch the actual film I only got fifteen minutes into it and then got bored and turned it off. The problem was that it was just as cliched as the movies it was mocking. A couple of nights later, when I was in a more forgiving mood I gave it another go. Honestly, it’s not great but it’s not an awful way to unwind when you are feeling a bit frazzled and ready for some silly escapism. 

Adventure Time – We reorganised all of our DVDs last month and put them into a big DVD wallet book. It means that it’s much easier to flick through them all and choose things to watch. Orla has been getting in on the act, and asked to watch the Adventure Time DVDs that Rob and I bought a few years ago. I had forgotten how funny this show is and have had a great time re-watching it with Orla. I like trying to spot the waving snail that is hidden somewhere in each episode. Orla loves the evil heart names Ricardio. 

The Office – I have series linked the Office on Virgin Media and I love coming home to see four episodes that have been recorded either during the night. I had only seen up to about season five before and it’s great to finally see the later seasons. Because the episodes are only short I have been squeezing them in, just after Orla goes to sleep and before I go out to evening meetings. It feels like the perfect use of that spare half an hour. I don’t know what I am going to do when I get to the end of the series! 

Silence of the Lambs – One evening last week, I was in and Rob was working so I naturally decided to watch one of the most renowned nightmare-inducing thrillers. I have watched some of it before as a teenager but never saw the whole thing. Thankfully, I didn’t find it as scary as I thought I would. The impact has probably been diluted by the number of parodies that have been done throughout the years. I’m glad that I have seen it all the way through but I don’t think I’ll be returning to it again any time soon. Although, I did find Jodie Foster and Anthony Hopkins absolutely mesmerizing 

And that’s been entertaining me this month! I feel that I am going to be in need of some new series to add to my watchlist because once I’ve finished The Umbrella Academy and The Office I have nothing lined up to follow. It makes me want to slow down and spread out finishing the series but I am not sure I am going to be able to resist that temptation!


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