My Dream Kitchen


Our plans to re-do the kitchen are still stuck in the planning stage. A fresh leak has appeared in the ceiling that needs dealing with and even without that leak we need to save up some cash again before we can go ahead with the next stage. It’s frustrating but the good side of having to wait longer is that we have more time to think about what we really do want in our kitchen. Over many discussions, pinterest trawls and wanders through homeware stores a picture has come together of what our dream kitchen looks like.

Our Dream Kitchen is….

Bright, cheerful and family friendly – we like bright yellow walls, white cupboard doors with flashes of red here and there. I love the look of flagstone floors and real wooden worktops but having lived for four years in a kitchen with expensive but freezing tiles on the floor, and wooden but rotting and wobbly worktops I think I will be happy to go for laminate and more durable/easy to maintain options. A shiny red double range cooker is essential though!


Has a breakfast nook – Somewhere to sit and chat over Saturday morning breakfasts and where people can congregate at house parties. Ideally I want a built in booth with storage hidden under the seats for the rarely used big serving dishes.


Adaptable with a butcher’s block on wheels – To island or not to island, that is the kitchen question. All of our friends express great love of the kitchen island, and our kitchen is big enough to accommodate one. But we really like walking in to our kitchen and having lots of space, it feels more open and free. That said, it would be nice to have some things closer to hand at times. Our solution is to find a butchers block that can live against the wall but can be moved closer to the oven when we need it.


Has a big old fashioned dresser – It will be white and will beautifully display the plates and glasses. I gaze longingly at these kind of dressers whenever I see them in shops. One day I shall have my own!


Has coordinated pots and pans suspended from the ceiling – We have the perfect beam running through the kitchen to make this doable. I hate stacking pots in cupboards, I would much rather just reach up and grab it. I think that is a common theme for what I want in a kitchen; I like to be able to see and reach the things we use, but I also want it to be ordered and organised. I love the idea of pots, plates and glasses being a part of the decor rather than things that have to be hidden away out of sight.


Has little extras: a shelf for all the cookbooks, a display area for Orla’s artwork, a welly stand by the door leading out into the garden, visible spice storage. I don’t know why, but my little domestic heart has always longed for a spice rack! I think the colour and texture of spices are too nice to keep hidden in a cupboard.

Whilst our dream kitchen is still a dream, I’m hoping that our dreaming time has been well spent and when the time comes we will be able to be confident in our choices!

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