February 2019 Snapshot


We are teetering on the end of February, Spring is in the air, good changes are about to take hold and here is what I’ve been up…

Holidaying.  I’ve just got back from our annual church holiday. 73 of us, all different ages descended upon Cefn Lea Holiday Park right in the middle of rural Wales. Surrounded by hills where buzzards soar and sheep graze, where the signal is patchy at best and the stars are bright, iIt’s a wonderful place to go and recharge. I love going because it’s a great chance to spend more time with our friends, and get to know some new people too. Highlights this year were sitting by the camp fire under the stars, drinking red wine and playing silly games once the kids had gone to bed, and making it up to the top of Mount Glog.

Gardening It’s nice going on holiday but oh, it’s nice coming home too. We arrived yesterday and the sun had come out to greet us. The day was so warm and we had been cooped up in the car for a few hours so once we dumped the bags inside, Rob and I went straight out in to the garden. Our garden had begun to bloom whilst we were away. Crocuses were out, daffodils had shot up and the primroses have unfolded. Our garden is still rather wild, but our little efforts are beginning to show more and more each season. I am determined to take every opportunity to get out there and get to work this year.

Reading I’ve finally finished the Shirley Jackson biography that I have been chipping away at for the last few weeks. Her life was fascinating, sad and thought provoking. It took some effort to read but I am so glad that I got to learn about this remarkable woman.

Cooking I’m trying to add new dishes to my repertoire, so lately I have been trying out new recipies from either pinterest or my cookbooks. Highlights have been bacon and tomato pasta, sweet potato and spinach curry, and a new recipe for chocolate chip muffins!

Watching After Marie Kondoing the books, I moved on to the DVDs. Instead of living under the stairs in big boxes that were too heavy to lift out, they are now all in a big book that can store up to 400 DVDs in individual pockets. I’ve organised them by genre: Children’s, Action and Adventure, Sci Fi, Horror, Comedy, Romance, Drama, Musicals, Hollywood Classics and TV. And now that they are so accessible I am watching some of my old favourites again!

Feeling. Happy and optimistic. Last year was a bit turbulent. My work was waiting approval for a big merger, and at church we were without a pastor for the first time in 18 years. There was a lot of hard work, uncertainty and waiting! But now, the merger has happened and we have found a pastor who I think is going to serve and love the church in a wonderful way. Of course, all of this means that there is still plenty more change to come but I increasingly feel that it is going to be good positive change, change for the better. And in the meantime I have plenty of wonderful thing and people to be grateful for. Whatever comes my way, I am surrounded by people who love me and inspire me, so bring it on!

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