2018 Resolution Review


My 2018 New Year’s Resolution was to celebrate the year. I wanted to simply spend more time having fun and celebrating so I was determined to mark each birthday in the family and find more occasions to have mini parties/outings/special meals together. We are always busy but I don’t want that to be an excuse not to have fun together as a family.

Here is how the year went:

January – April

In January we went all out for a woodland themed birthday party for Orla. It was lots of fun and I loved putting together this spread of themed food but this year I am scaling it back quite a bit and making life easier for ourselves! We were on holiday for pancake day and valentines day so we didn’t do much for those days but we did go out for cocktails with friends on St Patrick’s day, which my Irish husband appreciated!

June -September

We were on holiday again for Father’s day with friends so we celebrated by making cards for the Dads and baking scones. In September was our wedding anniversary and Rob and I had a meal out. It’s very rare that we go out alone together and it felt like a special treat to have an evening out with just us grown ups. I definitely want to do this more often when we have the chance.

October – December

October we celebrated my birthday with a day out, pottery painting and then a nice lunch in Clitheroe with my parents, then back to my house in the afternoon for Birthday cake. On one hand it was very low key but actually it was just how I wanted to spend the day. The best moment was Orla singing happy birthday to me. She was so excited! It made me feel very special.

I really wanted to go to a bonfire this year but in the end we decided that Orla wasn’t ready yet. She really doesn’t like loud noises. We got a bonfire ready to go at home but then never got round to lighting it. Life took over on this one! But next November, I really hope that we do celebrate bonfire night.

And then it was Christmas! We hosted at home this year for the first time. The build up included a lot of preparation, there were multiple trips to the supermarkets and a spreadsheet for cooking times, but the day itself went smoothly and we had a great time. It was nice to serve our mums as they are normally the ones running after us.

Now we only have New Year’s Eve left to celebrate. My plans are low key again but I am looking forward to our night. Here are our plans. Rob and I staying in. Lots of party nibbles, a bottle of champagne, left over Christmas chocolates and a night of video gaming! Can’t wait!

And between now and then, I am going to firgure out what my goals are going to be for 2019! I enjoyed having a purely fun resolution last year but next year I think I am ready to set some more challenging goals. I’ll keep you posted!

Happy New Year to you all!


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