Gingerbread Cupcakes


December has arrived and with it has a arrived a flurry of Christmas events and activities. This weekend has been packed for us, with our Church Christmas Fair, a birthday party and planning meetings for the Carol Service that will soon be upon us. On top of that, Orla has been steadily coming down with a cold and spent most of the day cuddling up to Rob or me on the sofa. Poor kid!

I decided that we needed a little baking pick-me-up this weekend so I browsed my Christmas Pinterest Board (I am still in love with Pinterest!) and found this tempting treat:

They looked great but the gingerbread-latte cupcake recipe was an American one, and I didn’t trust myself to do the conversions. So I did a bit of googling and found a UK version here on Baking with Granny. It was a simple recipe and I had nearly all of the ingredients all ready in the cupboard. All I had to do was pick up some butter and mini gingerbread men. Although I did substitute the treacle for butterscotch caramel because my treacle had expired last month!

Here is how my version turned out:

The first thing you might notice is my icing style is rather rustic. I have a problematic relationship with icing bags. I dutifully set up the icing bag with full confidence that this time I would nail it, only to find the mixture was too thick to go through the nozzle. I decided to spoon the icing out of the bag and on to the cupcakes in little mountains instead. One day I will master the icing bag, but it was not this day!

I absolutely loved the sponge mixture in this recipe. It baked really well, achieving a good height and colour in twenty minutes in the oven, and it has a lovely gently spiced taste. Sweet and warming. It tastes like Christmas to me!

Final touch was a spray of edible glitter that I forgot we had until after I had taken the first two photos. These have made a great treat to unwind with in the evening and I got to share them with one of the kids groups at church this morning which was lovely. After all, half the fun of baking is then sharing out the good afterwards! And then you can bake more things!

I have my eye on these Christmas Tree Brownies for my next bake!

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  1. Jasmine avatar

    I have a question from an old blog post of yours. I saw your post about your rain coat and it persuaded me to buy a coat from Ember and Earth (thanks so much for the helpful review!!). I had a question now that you’ve owned it a while, since mine just arrived and I was surprised to find it closed with buttons and not a zipper. Do you find that the water seeps in between the buttons or does it stay dry?
    Thank you again for the post and all the lovely photos!

    1. Cathy avatar

      Hi, mine closed with poppers as buttons. I never had a problem with water seeping through between the poppers but I did have a problem when I was pregnant and grew to big for the coat – it kept popping open! But I don’t think I can blame the coat for that one! I hope you like the coat! I think this is the first time anyone has ever bought something from my recommendation. Suddenly feeling very responsible. But in all honesty I still have my ember and earth coat and it is still dazzling bright. At work I get teased about not losing me in a fog! Hope you enjoy yours just as much.

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