Bright Red Doors


One of the first things jobs we did when we moved in to our new house was to paint the front door a bright pillar box red. The sight of our front door still makes me so happy whenever we pull up to the house. It’s such a cheerful colour to welcome us when we come home.

A couple of months ago out back garden gate broke. A combination of age and heavy weather had given it a battering and it was barely hanging on to it’s hinges. Rob decided to build a new gate himself and once he had built it we used the same paint we had used on the front door. We even let Orla help with the painting!

It took several coats to build up the colour but now that it is done it looks gorgeous! Now we have a cheerful red door at the front and back of the house.

Rob’s been on a roll with the carpentry and joinery. He has also fashioned these steps for Orla out of some left over pieces to help her reach the sink in the bathroom.

This time he painted them a bright turquoise colour. It’s great that Orla can now reach the sink all by herself and it makes brushing her teeth a lot easier. When Orla out grows these I can see us using them in the garden as part of a tree house set up!

I envy Rob’s skills at being able to work out how to build these things. He says they are crude and very simple but they are too complicated for me to figure out. I struggle hanging pictures on the walls, nevermind building some steps!

I am grateful that we have different skills that we use to do up our home, it really helps when we can make something ourselves rather than having to buy it. There is also a nice satisfaction of having things around the house that we (or Rob) has made. It feels more like our home feel more and more like our own.


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