Peter Pan Bedroom Update


Orla’s bedroom has a Peter Pan theme. When I was expecting I thought Peter Pan would make a great theme for a boy or a girl. Peter Pan is about magic, adventure and imagination, all things that I want Orla to experience in bucket loads whilst she is still a child. 

On her wall children fly up to the ceiling, over her door Tinkerbell mischievously perches  and in one corner a golden ship gleams above our heads. Even her bedroom door informs you that you are about to enter Neverland.  

This week we have made an addition to Orla’s Peter Pan room. 


This print was gifted by my best friend and fellow bookworm, Anna. This is the entire story of Peter Pan contained in one giant poster. 

It’s really cool but it turned out to be an awkward size to frame. It seemed to be in-between standard frame sizes. I ordered a frame that would fit but it left quite a lot of space around the edge. Now I could have just made or bought a mount but Rob had a more creative idea.  

We got a collection of green coloured paper and cut out lots of leaf shapes and layered them around the edge of the frame.  

I love the final look. It’s like pushing through the Neverland underbush and adds some colour to the black and white print. I love how it fills this space by the window and adds another touch of  Magic to Orla’s bedroom. 


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