Because Bake Off is on, I have to bake


Does anyone else have this problem? You watch the Great British Bake Off episode one and it makes you peckish, you get up mid episode to get a snack. Week 2 you are prepared and have some nice biscuits in the cupboard ready and waiting, but by the third Tuesday shop bought stuff isn’t going to cut it anymore and you have to make something yourself! Please tell me, it’s not just me.

Anyway, I was leafing through Tanya Burr’s Christmas book the other day (don’t judge, I got it from the library because the pictures were too lush!) and saw this brownie recipe and knew I had found my Bake Off treat for the week!

I followed the recipe except I used fudge drops and white chocolate buttons that I already had instead of the chocolate chunks. And I used my brand new ASDA brownie baking tray.

The results were good. Four brownies came out perfectly, four came out in pieces. But I think that may have been my fault for letting Orla “help” me grease the tray. She was soon more interested in licking butter off her fingers than greasing the trays!

Looks aside, they tasted wonderful!

The brownie tray produces very generous slabs of brownies, maybe twice the size of a regular portion. But the texture has come out really well – cracked top, gooey middle and good distribution of chocolate and fudge; everything I could want from a chocolate brownie.

So, Rob and I are tucking into one of these right now, with a glass of milk, watching Bake Off, with me writing this up in the adverts. Perfect way to spend a Tuesday evening and there is plenty more brownie to see us through the week!


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