Is it Autumn now?


A few weeks ago, whilst I was supposed to be shopping for summer clothes I picked up this mustard coloured skirt in Primark thinking it would look nice for Autumn. It’s waited patiently in my wardrobe since then, waiting for that mythical date of 1st September when it is socially acceptable to start wearing black tights and knitted jumpers again.  But last week I saw the rain and thought, stuff it, I’m wearing that skirt now! We’ve also changed the bedding from the yellow and white floral set to the woodland critters set. In short, I am feeling ready for Autumn now.  

Thank you kindly, Summer months, I have very much enjoyed the heat, the sunny days and our fabulous British beach holiday but I have had my fill of your cheery sunshine and the foot maintenance that becomes essential with lengthy flip-flop use. I’m ready for drizzling rain and fluffy socks now! 

And it feels like the weather is beginning to turn now. It’s still warm but the rain has returned, leaves are falling from the trees and the temperature has just dipped a little bit. Whilst people around me are sighing at the loss of the sun, inside I am beaming! 

In anticipation of my favourite season I have made an Autumn check list of things I want to do. I looked online for inspiration but only found American ‘Fall Bucket Lists’. So, here is my British version: 


The challenge I am giving myself is to tick off each one of the activities on the above list this Autumn. I’ll track my progress on Instagram and feedback here at the end of the challenge.  

Feel free to join in or make your own Autumn Fun Check list!  

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