The Golden Hour


Since marrying Rob I have had a growing appreciation for the golden hour in the evening. Rob explained that the golden hour is a prime time for photography when the sun is heading towards setting and simply put the light becomes golden which is beautiful to shoot in. It used to be a habit of our to go out for evening walks at this time where Rob would take photos and I would just enjoy the scenery and his company. These were often the walks that turned into us talking about our dreams and future plans. 

We haven’t done much of that recently, as in these summer months the golden hour is falling way past Orla’s bedtime. But what we have started doing after Orla has fallen asleep is slipping out to the furthest end of the garden that overlooks the field behind our house. We sit on the old cracked flagstones with drinks and the baby monitor and try to spot deer in the field. It turns out deer like the golden hour too! 

We might not be out for more than half an hour but it’s felt really good to step away from the TV and the washing up and spend some time together where we can just talk and be together. It’s very relaxing to be sat in that golden light when it is still warm but no longer hot, and where we feel enclosed in our garden away from the outside world. And we talk, really talk, heart to heart talk that is so invaluable. 

I enjoy a date night as much as the next girl. I like getting dressed up and going out to restaurants, I like all of it. But it’s good to know that we don’t need a date night to reconnect or keep the romance alive. All we need, is a cold drink, a quiet spot and that hour of golden light. 

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