Our Kitchen Pre-MakeOver


I love looking at home make overs, being able to see a whole room, garden or even house transformed before your eyes and the satisfaction of seeing a before photo melt away to reveal the After. Although, when it’s your own home the transformation process feels a lot slower.  

This year, our home goal is to renovate our kitchen, and yet, we are about to enter July and we have only really just begun the planning process, but that is real life for you. 

However, I have realized that an advantage of a delayed start is that I can take the time now to post some photos of our kitchen before the make over and share what we are hoping to achieve. It will be interesting to see how our plans change over time, and I can document our process on here.  

Here is how our kitchen looks today:  


There is lots to love about our kitchen as it is. The size, being the first thing! It is a big kitchen with lots of storage space.  I like the big cooker and having two ovens is great but the second oven is a bit slow. The floor tiles are gorgeous and I am a fan of the yellow paint the previous owners chose. It’s light, airy and great for hosting parties with lots of plug sockets for all the gadgets you could use. It has good lighting, with two big windows looking into our garden. The view when you are washing up is stunning!

But the kitchen also has many problems. This roof still leaks in bad weather despite us trying three different roofers to fix the problem, you might be able to see evidence of the leaks when you look at the ceiling in the above photos. The tiles are gorgeous to look at but they are hard and cold underfoot and many of them are cracked and loose. Not a great floor for our little girl.

There is no heating at all in the kitchen so in winter we avoid being in there as much as possible. We use a tiny electric heater in winter but it really isn’t up to the job.

There are signs of rot underneath the sink and a few of the wooden counter tops are cracked and wobbly.  In summary, the kitchen looks great at first sight but under closer inspection there is a lot that needs to change.  

Hopefully, in a couple of weeks I’ll share our plans of what we want to do with this space. I can’t wait to get going with this project, hopefully by this winter we will have a kitchen we will actually be able to spend time in! 

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