I got the Classic Movie Vibe Going On


Is there anything more sedating than continuous sunny weather? The hotter the days are becoming the chiller I find myself. We’ve had a glorious two weeks off work, burdens have lifted and we have had lots of full family days together. Life is good. 

One thing I have enjoyed recently is watching a couple of old movies. You know, the kind of classic films that you always see bits of when you are flicking through the channels but never have given the time to watch from beginning to end? Well, this last month, I have been giving them time. 

I watched Some Like it Hot with my Mother-in-Law over the weekend whilst she was staying with us. What an excellent farce! I obviously had seen clips of it but watching it all the way through was fantastic. It’s the first time I have watched a Marilyn Monroe film all the way through, and she is everything her legend says she is. 

I also picked up a DVD of Meet Me in St Louis for 50p! Again, a film I knew little about but really enjoyed watching in full. The children steal the show, especially the mischief they get up to at Halloween! Now, I finally know why Judy looks so sad singing ‘Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas’.  

One thing that struck me about both films is how leisurely paced old films are. They give you a lot more breathing room to just watch the characters be. Some Like it Hot is more plot driven to push the poor musicians into more and more ridiculous situations, but Meet Me in St Louis feels more like you are watching chapters of a family’s life rather than scenes in a plot. It’s like lingering over a photo album and retelling old memories.  

The second thing that I really noticed is just how much humour is embedded in these films. A lot of physical comedy is involved whether it is a cross-dressing chase scene through a hotel or the more subtle posturing Judy Garland does to catch the attention of the boy next door. But it’s not just slapstick there is clever word play, sarcasm and quick witted banter a plenty. I think the humour helps keep these old films watchable today. The proposal at the end of Meet me in St Louis is particularly hilarious. 

Anyway, I am happy to have crossed off another couple of classic films from my wish list, and I am happy to have these leisurely evenings to enjoy them. One day I would love to have a classic film club with a few friends. Imagine that, meeting up every few weeks, watching a golden oldie, eating snacks, sipping cocktails, themed cocktails if possible, and having a relaxed nostalgic night. I would love to do that! Adding it on to my bucket list now!

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