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Have you ever seen the getting to know me tags on tumblr? I recently saw a few and loved having a brief nosey into other peoples lives. So I thought I would take inspiration and do this post all about ME!

How I feel right now Content and grateful. 

3 Fears that I have Spiders – it’s the way they move. Eugh! Noises in the night, that may or may not be someone breaking in to the house, and Jets – they are too noisy and appear out of nowhere. 

3 Things I love, (not including people) The red door on my house because it is such a welcome sight that tells me I am home. My mum’s copy of Wuthering Heights and my engagement ring. 

Last song I listened to – Where you Lead I will Follow by Carole King. I’ve just finished watching Gilmore Girls for the first time, what a brilliant show!

How many tatoots/piercings do I have right now  0. I used to have me ears pierced but I found taking earrings in and out too much work and let my ears heal. I have never had the inclination to have a tattoo myself but do appreciate them on other people. My cousin by the way is an incredible tattoo artist and you should check out his instagram @life_of_riley_tattoo_studio. If I ever do get the desire he will be the only artist I consider using. 

Something I really really want A new kitchen, our kitchen is a good size but it has no heating and is absolutely freezing. The roof has leaked in a number times and there is quite a lot of work to be done. We keep saying that we will tackle it this year but we haven’t got round to it yet! 

My Current relationship status Married. Happily, blissfully married for five years. 

My Favourite Movies The Fifth Element, Down with Love, Jurassic Park, The Secret Garden,  

My Favourite Songs Shake it Off by Taylor Swift, Work this Body by Walk the Moon, Maryland by Vonda Shepherd 

My Favourite Band McFly and I am not ashamed of it 

3 things that make me happy  Cuddles from Orla, Brunch, and a new book 

3 Things that upset me Cruelty in any form, burnt toast and the cancellation of Firefly 

What I find attractive in other people Kindness, passion, faithfulness 

Someone I miss My best friend Rachel, we were friends since we were babies and she passed away the year we turned 21. I miss her every day. 

Someone I love My husband, Rob. Without any angst, doubt or fear he is the love of my life. 

My relationship with my parents Spectacular and boring. We really get on and see each other a few times a week.

My Favourite Holiday – Christmas.  

A confession I bend the page corners of library books to mark my place.

3 things that annoy me easily Littering, lateness and people shouting at each other 

My favourite animal Foxes for their cunning and resilience. Cats because they are wild at heart and choose to be your pet. 

3 habits I have I tuck my pajama legs into my socks to stop my ankles getting cold in the night. I listen to preachers on youtube when I do the washing up, I like to read books in any patch of sunlight streaming through the window even if it means lying on the floor 

My future goals Decorate every room in the house, help my church to grow and write a book someday 

Something I fantasise about Years in the future, having an old country house with a cozy writing room and an Old English Sheepdog  called Rufus. I take him for a morning walk through autumnal woods and then when we are tired go back to the writing room with a hot chocolate, a fire roaring and write all afternoon whilst Rufus snoozes at my feet. 

What I did yesterday  Worked all day, came home, washed up whilst Rob made tea. Had a shower then Skyped my best friend about her wedding plans! That was the best bit of my day.

Something I am talented at  Public speaking – an odd thing but I actually really enjoy it! 

My idea of a perfect date Little black dress, Rob in a white shirt, somewhere nice for dinner then off for cocktails and live music.  

My favourite blogs Love, Honor and Vacuum, Sunshine and CelandinesIt’s like they know us 

Number of kids I want –1, occasionally 2 but not often enough to risk losing all that lovely sleep we are now getting.

Do I smoke/drink? Never smoked and can’t stand the smell. Drink – yes, wine and whisky are my favourites…but not at the same time. Baileys on ice is my perfect last drink of the night if we have been out.

What words do you live by? Faith, not fear. See this post for the reason why.

And that’s me. Hope you enjoyed getting to know me more. If you have done similar posts on your blog put a link in the comments.

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