We got locked out!


If you spend any time with Orla at the moment and there is a lull in the conversation there is a very good chance that she will tell you; 

“We got locked out! Silly mummy! We walked to Grandma’s house! We saw a tower. Grandma was at the Doctors. Silly Mummy!” 

It’s all true. Orla and I left the house one Tuesday morning, with me carrying a heavy back pack of all the things you carry when you are taking a little person to play group and then on to the park for a picnic. I had spare clothes, nappies, babywipes, suncream, drinks and sandwiches all loaded into the bag.

What I didn’t have was my keys. The front door locked firmly behind me and it wasn’t until I tried to get into the car that I realised what I was missing. A few phone calls later, and I came up with Plan B. Orla and I set off on an ‘adventure‘. We decided to walk two miles to my Mum’s house to get the spare keys she had for my house.

Setting off on our walk

Orla was brilliant, she walked nearly the whole way and only needed carrying for about five minutes. On our expedition we saw lots of things to keep a little girl happy; chickens in the allotments, a boat moseying along the canal and a big old industrial chimney, or a “tower” as Orla called it.

When we got to my parent’s house, Mum was at a Doctor’s appointment so we let ourselves into the garden and waited for her there. Luckily we didn’t wait long and soon Mum was back to let us in, and to hand over the spare house keys! 

Safe at Grandma’s House

This was a couple of weeks ago now but Orla is still telling random people; “We got locked out!” I guess that the day made an impression on her, it did on me too. I’d rather be the kind of mum who didn’t forget her keys, of course, but all the same I am loving these mini-adventure days with my little girl.

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