Our Hallway…


In our master plans to renovate our home, the hall, stairs and landing are at the bottom of the list. It is likely to be a few years before we tackle and update these areas. Right now the kitchen, bathroom and front room are taking priority. Even though it is going to be a while before we decorate this space to our taste, that is no reason not to have a welcoming entrance to our home. 

Here are the things that greet us when we walk through the door, each one of these items makes my heart glad: 

The Family Sign – A custom-made frame given to us by Rob’s Mum. This photo was taken in a studio shoot when Orla was five months old.  

Our wedding tree – Another gift, this one was a lovely surprise from my best friend, Anna. On our wedding day she prepared this Wedding Tree print along with inks and pens for all of our guests to create a leaf with their fingerprint and sign their name. This is a beautiful keepsake of our very happy day and a reminder of a lot of the people who we love. 

Shadow photo – Rob took this photo of our shadows mid kiss whilst we were on an evening walk in Barley. It was a lovely day, with golden sun and we were just happy to be outside and together after a busy work week. Rob spotted our shadows stretched out in front of us and saw the opportunity to take the photo. It is still one of my faves.

A mirror – A new addition to our wall that Rob recently picked up at the Range. It brings in a little bit of extra light from the dining room and another chance to see the garden right there in the hallway. Bringing the outside in. 

And that concludes my mini tour of our entrance hall. Our house is not in order, it is not in style, it is not finished but sometimes it is good to add the finishing touches anyway. Why wait to see the little things that make your house feel like a home?

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