The National Trust Book of Scones


Rob bought me this wonderful book last month; The National Trust Book of Scones. It’s brilliant. A wonderful woman has scoured National Trust properties, sampled their scone recipes at each tea room and has then compiled this excellent recipe book of the different scones served at different National Trust sites.  

This week I decided to start simple and bake the classic fruit scone with my trusty assistant, Orla. The first thing I have to say is that this recipe is brilliant for making with little ones. Orla is frightened by the noisy mixer but we didn’t have to turn it on at all to make these scones.  

Orla sampled a few of the currents whilst I measured out the ingredients. She then helped me to rub the butter into the flour with her fingers. She helped me stir in the sugar, currents, egg and milk. She loved kneading the dough and did her best to help me cut out the scones. 

The second thing to say was that this was a very easy and tasty recipe. You can’t go wrong with a classic! 

Rob and I were going out for an evening meal that night so we tucked into these as an afternoon snack whilst they were still warm, and left some more out for my parents to sample later on when they came round to babysit.  

The recipe book states several times that scones are best eaten on the day they are baked. Rob and I did not manage to eat all the scones yesterday so I feel we will have to do our best to polish them off today to eat them at their best. I think I a scone supper is in order. 


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