My Two Year Old’s Pop Culture Opinion


I often use my blogs for writing about the film, TV and books that I am into. For a change, I thought it would be quite interesting to share what Orla’s pop culture interests are. At two years old she hasn’t been exposed to a lot of what is out there, she hasn’t even seen an episode of Peppa Pig or Paw Patrol yet! But even at two, Orla has some very definitive preferences in what she watches, reads and listens to, so here is a breakdown of Orla’s tastes right now:  

Favourite TV Show: Biggleton. Biggleton is a make believe town, made out of cardboard and PVA glue, and populated by children dressing up as grown ups who have to deal with a different calamity each episode. In the last episode Orla watched a group of chickens were having a major fall out in the park because they couldn’t decide what they wanted to do; either attend a special chicken dance or help the resident scientist with an experiment that involved tickling people with their feathers. I am making none of this up. It is a very strange program but the children are adorable especially when they do the ‘biggle wiggle’ dance at the end. Orla loves it and finds it very funny. 

Favourite Character: Fireman Sam. According to Orla, Fireman Sam is the answer to everyone’s problems. Whenever someone is sad, or worried, Orla will say; ‘Fireman Sam helps him. Fireman Sam is a nice man.” As far as role models go, I am quite pleased with Fireman Sam, he’s sensible, brave and endlessly patient with the delinquents of Pontypandy who have more arsonists in their population than the rest of the world combined. 

Her One True Pairing – Masha and the Bear One true pairing is a fandom term that normally refers to a romantic couple. Romance is a bit beyond Orla at the moment but she tells me a lot about how “Bear looks after Masha” and “Masha is always getting into trouble”.  This couple has its ups and downs but even in little Orla’s eyes the love that these two share is plain to see. 

Fashion Choices: Rainbows and Sparkles. Orla likes bright colours and is especially fond of rainbows or sparkles. Her favourite colour is purple. Whilst she has lots of romping about clothes and leggings in every shade, if you give her a choice of what to wear she will ask for a “pretty dress”, especially dresses that have lots of netting in them and swirl about if she spins. 

Favourite Song: Twinkle Twinkle Twinkle Little Star is the song she sings most often. She is also currently learning the Alphabet song but this is proving tricky because she doesn’t know what the Alphabet is so most of the lines are gibberish. She does occasionally ask for me to play Taylor Swift but only if it is Shake it Off. 

Least Favourite Show: Show Me! Show ME! Show me! SHow ME! Is an inoffensive cbeebies show that is on early in the morning where two presenters play silly games with a number of toys. Orla hates it. There was once an episode with a group of soldiers in big tall red hats and I think they may have scared a little. Ever since then she firmly tells me to turn it off whenever it comes on. “I don’t like it!” 

Favourite Book – Orla goes through phases with her books. She tends to have one or two that she will want to read a few times each night and then a week later she will swap to a new book. At the moment she is loving a book called I Love my Bunny; it’s about a little girl called Anna and her toy bunny. Each page has a different textured part to touch which Orla loves, especially he last page where Anna and Bunny have a cuddle under a snuggly blanket. 

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