The Perfect Sick Day


I am poorly,  my good internet friends. A sneaky flu-like bug has taken hold of me and has completely wiped me out.

On Saturday, I was determined to do a big clear out so I was busy tidying pretty much all day. And I was super pleased when early on in the morning, my new hoodie (from etsy if you are interested) arrived in the post. I immediately put it on and wore it all day as I was tidying up.

This was taken at the ‘it’s going to get worse before it get’s better’ stage of the tidy up. Also, tidying up with a two year old is not easy! Anyway, this is when I should have known that something was up because even though I was moving around and shifting things I never felt warm enough to take the hoodie off. In the evening my throat felt dry and I thought it was from being in the dust all day.

Sunday morning my nose was streaming and I thought I had a bit of a cold. Sunday evening I was dizzy, shivering, couldn’t sleep and didn’t dare to go downstairs to get a drink in case I fainted. That’s when I finally realised that I was actually ill.

I hate being ill, like everyone else, I’m too busy to be sick but I have learned that actually if I give in to being sick for one day, and rest up properly then I am more likely to get better quickly. If I try to soldier on then I am fighting off bugs for weeks. I don’t like having sick days but sometimes you just have to have them, and if you have to have them, you might as well make the most out of them.

That’s what I did yesterday, I gave in completely to being ill. I called in sick and Rob took Orla to Mum’s house. I stayed in my pajamas. I watched Gilmore Girls and I read the latest Robbie Williams biography. I padded occasionally to the kitchen to get more orange juice and I tried to nap in the afternoon. At one point, I wanted to do something (anything!) so I added a few bits my Journaling Bible. I had these pieces saved for ages and really wanted to have some things in there that reminded me of Rob and Orla.

These images make me so happy! This was as productive as I got all day, and afterwards I needed another little rest.

My Mum and Orla came round at about half 3. My blessed Mum washed some dishes, put out the bins and peeled potatoes for me before heading off home. By this time I was feeling a bit better and was ready for some time with my little girl.

I managed to get tea on at five and then Rob came home, we ate together and then he did Orla’s bedtime routine, I went to bed early and boy, did I sleep well! I fell asleep quickly and slept so soundly that I didn’t even stir when Rob came to bed.

Anyway, today I feel so much better. I’m still tired and I still have a cold but my body doesn’t ache any more and my temperature isn’t wildly changing every few minutes like it was on Sunday night. So, this evening I am very grateful for my husband and my mum who stepped in to give me time to rest up. And my big advice this week is this; if you are ill, embrace the sick day. Don’t push yourself beyond breaking point. Give in to it for a day, rest up, sleep and get better.

Take care of yourselves, out there!

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