Bath Toy or Home Spa Equipment?


Yesterday I shared how a bath and a night off transformed my week, and I just wanted to quickly share a brilliant product that has brought my pamper nights up a level.

The Paladone Bath Gem Floating Mood Light was a Christmas present for Orla, and she absolutely loves it, both in and out of the bath. It is a plastic clear crystal with LED lights that flash on and off in different sequences depending on the setting you have on it, just like Christmas tree lights. She uses it when we make dens or to give her dolly’s tea party rave-like lighting, and she loves having it during bath times! It’s really easy to turn on and off and Orla has mastered flicking through it’s different settings.

OK, so as a toy it’s a great gift for a toddler, but even more exciting for tired mums out there, it also works for turning your average bath into a little luxury spa night. All you need to do is run your bubble bath, set the light going (I like the setting that smoothly goes between blue, pink and purple lights) and turn the lights off.

Because who doesn’t like multi-coloured bath water right? I mean that is one of my main reasons for getting Lush bath bombs because I like it when the water turns pink…but I don’t like scrubbing the pink out of the bath later on. With this, you get all the colours but none of the mess.

It’s become my staple of Friday night pamper sessions and I promise this post is in no way sponsored or making me money, I just wanted to share something that brightens up my bath nights!

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