Eight things my Mum said whilst we did a wardrobe clear out….


I have been in a bit of a funk with my wardrobe recently. In the last couple of years I have had a baby, turned thirty and gone up a dress size. My body has changed but my wardrobe was stockpiled with clothes I have had since being a skinny teenager. I kept opening my wardrobe in the morning and sighing as I looked at all of these clothes that I either can’t or don’t want to wear.

Last week I decided that I’d had enough and I called my Mum round and together we went through each item of clothing in my wardrobe and decided what was staying and what was going. My mum was the perfect person for this job, she’s organised, practical, and kind.

Here are eight words of wisdom she said as we worked that I think are good pointers for anyone having a clothes clear out:

  1. “It’s completely normal to change body size” Although it can feel strange to go up a size, it is normal and natural. Don’t let it get you down.
  2.  “It doesn’t fit. Get rid of it.” I kept putting off clearing out my clothes because I kept supposing I might go on a diet and lose some weight but it’s a few months down the line and I haven’t started yet. In the meantime I want to feel comfortable in what I am wearing today.
  3. “You’ve had it for ten years, you got your money’s worth out of it, now it’s Ok to let it go.” Bye bye, my pretty ASOS red t-shirt dress, with the drop waist that only cost £10 when I was 18! Bye bye!
  4. “That looks really good on you, keep it!” We threw out loads of clothes but everything I have left I know I fit and look good in.
  5. “Hmmm, I should have brought a bag up for the spare hangers.” Organisational tip: clear out your unused hangers, at the same time. Don’t put them back in the wardrobe.
  6. “You’re going to have so much space in your wardrobe! It’s already looking better!” A de-cluttered wardrobe is a very calming sight!
  7. “You still, look beautiful, you know.” Important reassurance as we shift five bags of rejected clothes into the car.
  8. “We want to speak positively in front of Orla.” Orla was with us for the whole operation. Happily playing with a pile of bangles as we worked. Mum was spot on. In a world where women are constantly told that their bodies are not beautiful enough I want to make sure that in my house there is none of that nonsense. Bodies change, clothes wear out eventuality, it’s no big thing.

It’s just a bit of Spring cleaning!

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