Recipe Review: Orange Biscuits


Date made: Thursday 1st March. Day three of being stuck at home with a poorly toddler had me scrambling for activities to do so we ended up baking biscuits again.

The Recipe: The Cook’s Encyclopedia of Baking by Carole ClementsOrange Biscuits from. This is my oldest baking cook book, and is still one that I refer back to a lot. It isn’t fancy at all but it has lots of simple recipies to follow. A good one for getting on with the basics.

Expectations: Hopeful. I have made these before years ago and the biscuits had ended up looking exactly like the picture above and they tasted delightfully like oranges!

Difficulty Level: Low. Uses basic ingredients that you are likely to have in if you do baking. The only extra thing I had to buy was fresh orange juice. There is an extra flouish of pressing down the biscuits with a fork to achieve the three lines in the finished result, but that is quite a fun step.



Any Variation to the recipe: None. I was a good girl and followed the instructions.

Results: Mixed. The important thing is that they taste good, like sweet oranges, and they have a great texture; crunchy bite with a little bit of chew. But they look nothing like what they were supposed to do!


The mixture spread and lost it’s shape. No three little lines, no round little disks. Just a big crumbly slab of biscuit….which isn’t terrible but why did it not turn out like the picture? Any ideas, internet friends?

I tried making the next batch smaller but they still spread out a lot. Oh, well, the important thing is that they taste good, however they look!

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