My new mug is an absolute hoot!


Some blogs out there are very exciting and dramatic. Mine is not. Therefore I have no qualms in sharing with you how happy my new mug has made me.

My friend, Gel, got me a ‘colour your own mug’ set for Christmas. It came with four special colouring pens, a set of instructions and a fabulous owl mug.

Look at this guy, he is splendid!

I am a complete sucker for home ware items, ever since we bought our own home I always head to straight to the home section of every TK Maxx, Next and gift shop that I come across. Over the last few years I have seen trends that have come in big style, (hello millennial pink and palm leaves!) and I do find that sometimes my heart is swayed by the fads that come and go. For awhile I desperately wanted anything that was pink and gold polka-dot but now I roll my eyes at myself because that is simply not my style.

To avoid being carried away on the tides of interior fashion design I try to remind myself of the features and things I truly love and have loved for a number of years. For me the things that will be eternally admired by me are:

  • Jewel tones
  • Dark wood and natural earthy textures
  • Furniture that has a history
  • Anything that reminds me of British woodland

So, my new mug fits beautifully with what I love. There are two owls on the mug so I decided to do one in red and yellow and the other in blue and green. Fire and water. Very elemental!

Anyway, it is just a little thing but it is a little thing that has made me happy and I thought I would share it with you.

Cheers me dears!



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