Get Well Cookies


There has been a lot of sickness in our household these last few weeks. It seems that life with a two year old is mostly taking it in turns to feel run down and grotty. We pass bugs between the three of us like a game of pass the parcel and we have had so many that we have lost track of who has given what to whom. For example, whilst we were on holiday I thought I had caught a bug from Rob (who had been complaining of a sore throat the week before) that gave me a sore throat, made me achy and tired, and then finished off with a horrendous cough that gave me a very croaky voice for a couple of days.

Well, I was mistaken about Rob giving me that bug because now he is ill again, with all the symptoms I had last week! I clearly am the one who infected him! I just hope that once he recovers from this that we will get a break from the germfest for a couple of weeks. Orla seems fine right now, so fingers crossed!

The Recipe: To cheer Rob up, Orla and I decided to make him a batch of cookies this week. I saw the pic above on Pinterest ages ago of some colourful cookies that were called ‘Boyfriend Cookies’ because the author made them especially for her boyfriend.

They looked good but the recipe was American and I was not in a mood to do the cup conversions  so I did my own version. I’ll call them ‘Husband Cookies’, but that does seem a little bit unfeminist of me… so maybe I should just call them ‘Get Well Cookies’…. anyway, moving on…

My Recipe Variations: I used this Chocolate chip cookie recipe from the BBC Good Food recipe except instead of chocolate chunks I used up whatever fun tasty things I could find in the house which were:

  • Chocolate sprinkles
  • 100s & 1000s
  • Salted caramel fudge
  • Mini Smarties

My co-chef: Oral is terrified of the mixer (and who can blame her, as last time I over used it and it started making a funny noise and an awful smell!) so, I creamed the butter and sugar and mixed in the flour and eggs in the kitchen whilst Orla watched Fireman Sam in the front room.

When it was time to mix in the fun things I brought her through to the dining room and she was very happy to help me by pouring in each tub of sprinkles. It looked a great colourful batch at this point.

The results: Cookies the size of your face! (Ok, that’s a slight exaggeration but they were huge!) I would say this was a big success. The recipe made loads of these huge cookies, I filled this tin to the brim, and the cookies were chewy and very tasty. I especially liked the salted caramel fudge bits in there. The only downside was that the colours from the sprinkles and the smarties completely disappeared, which was a shame. I don’t know why that happened, maybe a science bod out there could explain it to me in the comments???

Who ate them? The sweetest moment of all was when Rob came home and Orla ran up to him at the door and said in her broken 2-year-old-English,”Daddy, made cookies….you! Daddy bit poorly. Feel better.”  Heart melted a little bit there, and Rob seemed to appreciate the cookies, as did Orla and I!

Like I said, this recipe made loads so I took the tin with me to Worship Practice on Tuesday night and shared them out there. That got rid of half of them. The rest are being rapidly devoured by me, Orla and of course, the recovering husband.

I don’t think they will last much longer!

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