The last five things I watched on Netflix….Feb 2018


Hello, I always love these posts when other people do them. Here are the last five things I watched on Netflix….. 

Gilmore Girls –  I am slowing down with my Gilmore binge watching. Things feel a little bit tired by the time you g reach season six. I find it hard to care about Logan one way or the other, he doesn’t treat people particularly nicely unless they are part of his wealthy inner circle, which makes me feel a bit cold towards him but he has his sweet moments as well. I could take or leave him. Luke’s mystery daughter is cute but she feels like a really clunky plot device that the writers threw in there because things were too rosy between Luke and Lorelie. So, my attention has been waning in the Stars Hollow world, but the episode I just watched with the mammoth fight between Emily, Richard, Lorelie and Rory got my attention again. The fast cuts and switches between hilarity and blazing rows was a rather brilliant bit of self-aware comedy and I think I am going to keep going with it.  

Girl Interrupted – Have you ever hated a film when you first watched it and then come back to it years later and completely changed your mind? That’s just happened with me and Girl Interrupted. I watched it as a young teenager and thought it was long, boring, and  that nothing actually happened. I couldn’t pick up on the subtext or the historical context and did not really understand why Susanna was in the mental hospital in the first place. But the other week I re-watched it and completely changed my mind. It is an excellent film that is well worthy of its cult status. The acting is superb all around and has lots of subtle clues to what is going on underneath the drama, like the way Angelina Joli’s eyes flash when someone insults her that tells you in a few moments she will be exacting revenge, or the way that the compulsive liar, Georgia gives a shadow of a grin each time she tells a tall tale. In a story where everyone is confused or dishonest it is these little touches that lets you know what is really going on with the girls. I understand why my teenage self didn’t get it because you have to pay attention and have some understanding of the sixties to appreciate everything that is happening! I am glad to have revisited it now as an adult.  

Izombie – For something completely different, izombie follows the adventure of a zombie detective who solves crimes by eating the brains of murder victims, which causes her to see their memories and catch their killers. Pretty different, right? I am about five episodes in to this tongue-in-cheek, quick witted and surprisingly sweet horror/murder mystery TV show, and am really enjoying it. I am trying to only watch an episode every other night to space them out but it is difficult not to binge watch. Also the theme song and opening credits are worth clicking the ‘watch now’ button alone. 

Brooklyn 99 – I kept catching the odd episode of this on E4 and went from thinking it was a bit dumb to falling in love with it. A sitcom that actually makes me and Rob laugh out loud, that is more than just a little bit ridiculous. I find this is a good one to chuck on after a heavy programme or a scary film. It’s good chill-out viewing.  

Hatari! – Oh Hatari! This is a film that I love to pieces and watch at least once a year but it also makes me incredibly sad because, apart from my Dad, I don’t know another person who has seen it! And it’s a bit niche so it is really hard to sell to people. It’s a romantic comedy set in Africa where an international team of misfits, led by John Wayne, hunt animals and ships them out to zoos in the 1960s. It will make a modern conservationist wince, but it is a breathtaking film to look at. They filmed it on location with the real actors in land rovers racing alongside herds of giraffes and buffalos. It is incredible viewing and for me has more satisfying action then a modern CGI-fest. The chemistry among the cast is brilliant and whilst the film is long, there is something very comforting about hanging out with these people and watching their antics, like the unfolding rivalry between the German race driver and the French Gunman, or the comedy of an Italian photographer becoming the adopted mummy to three baby elephants, or the friendly patter between the towering John Wayne and the compact clown that is Red Buttons. Oh! I adore this movie so much and if you have a rainy afternoon free and a mood to indulge I cannot recommend it enough.  

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  1. Sharon avatar

    I watched Gilmore Girls the original series many years ago and was excited to return to Stars Hollow when I got Netflix last year. I started watching the 4 new continuation episodes ….and wasn’t loving them. Maybe I am just used to faster paced shows these days. Maybe I will give them another go as I didn’t finish them.
    I was addicted to I Zombie. Maybe you will also like Santa Clarita diet starring Drew Barrymore , if you think I Zombie is fun.
    Girl Interupted is a movie I only ever saw once many years ago. I can’t remember much about it so maybe its due a rewatch. And as for the last film. That sounds fun. I will Hatari! On my list.

    1. Cathy avatar

      ooh, never heard of Santa Clarita diet, I’m adding it my list!

      I have not heard any good things about the continuation episodes yet, I am kind of dreading them but feel like I will have to see it through!, anyway!

  2. Sharon avatar

    Santa Clarita is only one season ( so far!) So very easy to watch.
    I will try and go back to GG reunion.
    The Good Place is quite a fun and quirky series to watch. X

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