Oh no! My toddler is dropping naps!


The face of a child who does not need a nap

Just as I felt like I was getting back into the blogging flow again after a long break I have had a couple of setbacks in the last two weeks. 

Firstly, my blog blocked me as a user due to some mix up with our server provider. That led to a couple of days of faff before the internet grand wizards decided that I was not a threat or a hacker to my beloved blog and let me back on. Phew!

The second setback is that my glorious little girl has decided that now she is two years old she no longer needs naps. Each day as nap time approaches she has taken to saying, ‘no nap!’ and then she would determinedly stay awake for the next hour to prove her point. On one hand, I think she is right, it has been taking up to an hour of cuddles and struggles to get her to sleep during the day and her sleeping at night was still broken (never been a good sleeper). Since dropping the naps she has slept through 7:30am-7:30pm about four nights in the last week which was unheard of before. So it is great, we are all getting a bit more sleep and I am hoping this is truly the start of her sleeping through. 

But Orla’s napping time was my ‘get-it-done’ time. It was prime time for a bit of housework, or cooking or doing a bit of blogging and now it’s gone. Now instead of my ‘get-it-done’ time there is an extra hour and a half where my precious two year old still requires supervision, entertainment and attention.  

I guess, it’s time for another life adjustment which is all part of the motherhood course. You have about six months of adapting to their routine and getting in a good flow and then without warning the little tinkers change the schedule on you and you just have to keep up! 

Right now, adjusting means;

  • Having a quiet snuggle and story time after lunch so that Orla gets some quiet time,
  • Involving Orla a bit more in the housework; she loves our tidy-up game where I set a timer on my phone and we run around the house putting things away until the phone plays a song,
  • Finding different pockets of time during the week to sit down and pour out my heart into my little old blog. 

It all feels strange right now but I am sure in six months time we will be in a great rhythm again, all ready for the next big change….whatever that may be! 

And in the meantime if any parents have any other tips on adjusting to toddler life after naps then please let me know in the comments!

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