Antler Coat Hook


Nearly three years ago Rob and I moved in to our new house. Last week we finally put a coat hook up by the front door. When we first moved in we thought we would hang up our coats in the utility room behind the kitchen; it already had a big deep alcove with a rail for hanging coats: perfect! But in reality our utility room is cold, damp and very far away from our front door, which meant that instead of hanging our coats up nice and neatly we began dumping them in different places, especially in the dining room like this:

Yeah….not a pretty sight, but all that has now changed with the revolutionary idea I had to buy a coat hook and Rob’s amzing handiwork at putting the coat hook up by the front door. I know we are interior design wizards!

I know, I know, this is so basic that it doesn’t really warrant a blog post but boy does it feel good, to have a set usable place for coats! And I really love the hook we chose which is from Amazon and shaped like antlers.

I love it, and I love how our dining room looks now, even more!

Much better! So this is it, I am more determined to do the little niggly jobs around the house that will make us that much more tidy and organised. Next stop: shoe rack!

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