What I’m watching on Netflix – January


I have been so late to the Netflix bandwagon but last autumn my friend signed me up as a user on her account just so that she could introduce me to Gilmore Girls and I have been hooked ever since. Here are the last five things I watched on Netflix:

Gilmore Girls – Another party I am ridiculously late to! My friends convinced me to watch it saying I would love it because it is wholesome, Autumnal, quirky and quick-witted. They were perfectly right and I have been binge watching it since I started the first episode. It’s quite refreshing to have a host of central characters who may be flawed but are actually good at heart rather than another set of dark anti-heroes! I love all the towns people of Stars Hollow and their peculiar ways and intense town meetings. I have just started Season Five; my current feelings are that I love Lorelia and Luke, Rory needs shaking, still not seeing the appeal of Jess, and Kirk and Lulu are adorable!

The Crown – I am only one episode in on this lush drama, retelling the history of Queen Elisabeth II. It is beautifully told and the first episode is heartbreaking as King George is slowly coming to terms with his imminent demise. I was talking about this show with my Granny, who is in her 80s. She was saying how it brought back a lot of memories for her and her childhood. She remembered how disappointed her father was when Churchill lost his office. She says they have captured the events in a very faithful way to history. I am looking forward to watching more and then nattering it over with her again!

It Follows – I had a night in on my own the other week and in a moment of pure stupidity I decided to watch a horror film! It Follows is about a girl called Jess who is being stalked by a monster. The monster can take on the appearance of anyone but only it’s potential victims can see it. It stalks it’s prey at walking pace – so Jess can run away easily but the monster is relentless and will constantly walk towards Jess until it finds her. It is a chilling premise and it is a scary film that has a lot of depth and creativity to it for a monster movie. A film that was more creepy, than terrifying. A few days later and I’m still thinking about it.

How to Get Away with Murder – I really loved the first three episodes of this series. The plot moved quickly and Annalise is amazing! Fierce, vulnerable and an epic woman of stature. But I haven’t been able to keep up with it – the scenarios just felt too unrealistic, especially in how fast paced each case was being wrapped up and resolved in court each week. It just felt a bit silly and Wes was kind of annoying …. How to Get Away with Murder has slipped to the bottom of my list.

Anne with an E – Anne of Green Gables is one of my favourite books from my childhood. And I have never seen an adaptation of it so I was excited to see this one. The cast is absolutley perfect, especially the actress who play Anne – she is exactly as the book describes, red hair, gawky and she has a pinched look that tells you that she has been underfed. I love that this adaptation is taking it’s time and has stayed very true to the books. Where they have taken liberties is in filling out Anne’s background with the blackest paint possible. Anne is not just overly-dramatic and prone to flights of fancy, she is a damaged young girl who uses her imagination to cope the traumas she has faced. It adds a deeper layer to the story but it is heartbreaking to see on screen. I find the flashbacks quite hard to watch even though they are not too graphic or violent – it’s just hard watching a child so unloved. However, this makes Anne’s new home with the Cuthbert’s even sweeter to see.

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