Bright Nordic Knits


Ever since Hygge became a trend outside of Denmark there has been a lot more Nordic style clothing about which is absolutely fine with me. I am a complete homebird and there isn’t much that I like doing more than getting all curled up at home in some cosy clothes and a big cup of hot chocolate.

I wanted to share two bits of colourful knitware that I have been given over Christmas. First there are these amazing socks!

These were a Christmas present from Rob and I have pretty much worn them every day over the holiday. My hands and feet get cold all the time and very often I go to bed with two pairs of socks on to keep them warm, so comfy warm socks are a guaranteed big hit with me! My Mum admired them so much that Rob bought another set for her so she could have some of her very own.

The second piece of knitwear I have been sporting is this Country Rose cardigan.

Country Rose is a brand sold through the Edinburgh Woolen Mill which is truthfully known for catering to older ladies, but there are more than a few hidden gems in the selection that are worth looking at. The specialise in bright cheerful clothes with patterns inspired by the countryside. They are a bit different than what you find on the High Street but they have a lot of classic shapes and styles; think navy pinafores, chunky knit cardigans and mustard coloured knee length socks.

I really like the pattern on this cardigan and although you can’t see it on this photo, there are little flecks of blue and red embedded throughout the beige material. There is an awful lot of detail and it feels like the most perfect thing to wear on these frosty mornings. I also particularly like how these colours go with my red hair – I am still learning which colours clash and which coloured compliment my new ginger locks!

I find more and more my eyes are drawn to bright patterned chunky knits and cardigans that I am now going to have to start resisting the urge to pick up more. A little bit of colourful pattern is charmingly quirky but a lot easily descends into crazy cat lady – which is a look I think I could pull off, now that you mention it…





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