Happy New Year, Happy New Blog!


Hello and a Very Happy New Year’s Day to you!

It’s ten past nine pm as I write this first line and really it is feeling far too late in the evening to be writing my very first blog post on this brand new blog but I wanted so much to start this on the 1st January that I am pressing on, even though I know my brain goes a bit mushy past 8pm!

So, hello! I’m Cathy and this is what I look like from a safe distance:

I’ve been blogging on Word Press for five years on a blog called Red Rose Style. I was twenty five years old when I started that blog and still living with my, thankfully patient, parents. Five years later and I am married, I have a mortgage on a terrace house with a life time of renovation works ahead of us, and oh yeah, I’m a mum to a delightful nearly-two-year-old daughter, called Orla. She is seriously gorgeous!

Over the last couple of years my blogging became more and more infrequent until I pretty much stopped completely. Life got in the way, I suppose. I was having little sleep, trying to get the balance of work and home right and I was working on a qualification that ate up a lot of my head space. There really wasn’t time to make cookies, let alone blog about them!

But I really, really missed it. I’d forgotten how much fun blogging is and how much it pushed me to try new things and tackle projects. I’d forgotten how having a place to document the things we do as a family makes me more determined to do fun things. And eventually I decided it was time to pick it up again. I made some lists and very sweetly (or pleadingly) asked my web-designer-husband, Rob, to set me up with a new blog for the New Year. He kindly obliged and is working on sprucing this place up further with a proper logo to come soon!

So, here we are 2018, it’s now 9:36pm on the 1st January and I am back to the blogging world and am ready to start sharing again what is happening in the life of my little family.

Stay tuned!


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